mobile armchair-gm faq about Twitter Twitter is offered as a no-charge, no-membership service and we encourage visitors to use and cite our data in news articles/blogs and on social media. We have received tremendous cooperation on that front and are grateful for it, as it has helped become the No. 1 NHL salary cap resource on the Internet.

We do not offer downloads of our data for use as part of other sites or applications, regardless of whether they compete directly with We also do not offer downloads of our data for hockey pools or research papers, although we do offer a fantasy calculator to assist you in running hockey pools.

Using a "screen scraper" or "crawler" to download data from is expressly prohibited. Because this has become an increasing problem, we now review our logs regularly and if we detect this type of suspicious activity, the IP address or addresses from which you access the site will be permanently banned.

Our policy is simply that we ask you to respect us for our hard work and not take too much. If you need a screen scraper to get what you need, you are taking too much. If you run a team site and want to include each player's current-year salary or cap hit in his individual profile, you aren't taking too much. Or, if you're writing a news story or blog that cites team or player cap numbers or analyzes a small subset of our data, you aren't taking too much.

If you're worried you're taking too much and want to run it by us, email Thank you for your cooperation.