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How can teams receive cap relief during roster emergencies?

Article 50.10 (e) of the new collective bargaining agreement includes a provision for cap-exempt recalls during roster emergencies in which injuries and/or suspensions result in insufficient cap room and a shortage of skaters for more than one game.

The following provisions apply:

  • Cap room must be less than the minimum salary plus $100,000, ie. $650,000 in 2014-15.
  • The club must be unable to add a player with a cap hit equal to the minimum NHL salary plus $100,000, ie. $650,000 in 2014-15, using long-term injury exception.
  • The team must have fewer than 18 skaters and two goaltenders on its roster for at least one game before the recall(s) can occur.
  • The recalled player(s) must each earn cap hit(s) less than or equal to the NHL's minimum salary plus $100,000, ie. $650,000 in 2014-15, and can only remain on the roster during the roster-emergency period.

CBA reference: Article 50.10 (e) (P. 294-295)

Link: New CBA twist could help teams with cap crunch by James Mirtle, Globe and Mail, Sept. 26, 2013