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The collective bargaining agreement's rules for determining a player's waiver status can be complicated and difficult to understand. Using's exclusive data — notably signing age and the first season of players' first contract — our waiver calculator simplifies the process. Simply select a player and fill out the appropriate fields to calculate his waiver status. Please note, we do not include veteran players who are obviously waiver-eligible. However, if you believe a player who may be eligible for waivers is missing from our list, please email or let us know via Twitter

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Erik Gudbranson is exempt from waivers.

The following chart shows the number of years or games he has to play to lose his exemption, as well as how many years and games he has played to date (not including 2014-15). It highlights in red the years or games (whichever he reaches first) remaining on his exemption as of the final day of 2014-15 training camp.

This result is based on the data you entered: Player appeared in 0 NHL regular season and playoff games at age 19; and player has appeared in 79 career NHL regular season and playoff games games. If this information was entered incorrectly, the calculator will generate an incorrect result.

TO DATE 3 79

NOTES: Erik Gudbranson's signing age for the purposes of waivers is recorded in our database as 19 while the first season of his first NHL contract is recorded as 2011-12. We have also determined that he was eligible for a reduction in the number of NHL games played required for waiver eligibility (as noted in Exhibit 16, Transition Rules, of the CBA) by virtue of his contract and playing status during the 2012-13 lockout-shortened season. If you believe an error has occurred in the calculation, contact via email or let us know via Twitter.